Module 1: Key objectives and warmer

  • Learn what is meant by gender and other related concepts in the context of scientific research
  • Learn why integrating gender into scientific research is so important
  • Read examples of research in different areas of science where integrating gender has made a difference

Warm-up activity

Before we start, write down five words that you associate with gender in the context of research - for example ‘representation’.

Now, mark the following statements as true or false :

  1. Gender is mainly about women
  2. Sex and gender are not the same thing
  3. Gender is only relevant for scientific research that is focused on people
  4. Gender in the context of scientific research is mainly about making sure equal numbers of women and men participate
  5. Gender equality is not possible because men and women will never be the same
  6. Good scientific research can contribute to gender equality

Now write one sentence explaining why you think integrating gender into scientific research is important.

See how far your answers correspond to the information in this section. Remember, there are often ‘shades of grey’ when we are talking about gender. Our aim is to get you thinking and to ask fundamental questions of yourself and your research. This will lead to better analysis and impacts.

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