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  Section objectives and warm-up

  • Establish what it’s like to be a journalist
  • Contrast this with what being a scientist is like
  • Identify tensions and opportunities that arise from these differences

Warm-up activity

This section looks at how the worlds of science journalism and research can clash. As a warm-up activity, consider what being a journalist might be like.

On a piece of paper or, even better, in the comments section (so you can see other people’s suggestions), write down ten words you think describe the world of journalism.

When you’ve done this, continue to hear from Kaz Janowski, the editor at SciDev.Net about this world.

World of journalism can be described as : creative in the selection of content to share, innovative in the way they communicate, selective in the information they capture which must be eye catchy and easy to understand language.
Vinet Coetzee
fast; current; busy; deadlines; easily digestible; wide audience; trendy; 24 hour; little routine; interesting
Abidemi James Akindele
Essential, diligence, interactive, fact-finding, responsible, restraint, non-judgmental, selfless, up-to-date, public interest
Mohamed El Zayat
curious, good listener, objective, debatable, communicating, cannot trust, ability to prove his point of view, snipers
Mouyelele Haufiku
Evidence, flexible,fast,communication,community-engagement,recent news,media,interesting -stories ,reporting and social
Katie Emms
Busy, fast, slow at times, public, finding the interests of readers, current, analytical, questioning, research
Mariamawit Y Yeshak
fast, reporting, competitive to get attention, going great lengths to impress, not always truthful
Emanuele Fantini
fast, public, generalist, informing, communicating, storytelling, interviews, images (photo/video), (current) news/trending topics
Vuban Joyce Afuh
informing, analytical, inspirational, entertaining, reporting, eventful/current, reflexive, dynamic, coordinated, interviewing, broadcasting
Deusdedith Ishengoma
Writing, publishing, reporting, broadcasting, investing, presenting, interviewing, editing, documenting/recording and storage/archiving
Yonas Yohannes Shikur
Gather, synthesis and describes information in an evidence based as it happened in reality
chenai chair
opinionated, investigative,brief, sensational, public interest, crowd-sourced, independent, political, information source.
Research, Management, Information, Communication, Presentation, Writing, Talking, Time, Place, Human
Beatrice Mosello
Reality, reporting, informing, documenting, disseminating, assertive, concise, fact-based, story-telling, reactive
Rachel Kramer
Informative, report, unbiased, distributes news, current, sources information, public, events, social media, interviews
Neema George Opiyo
reporter, commentator, writer, panellist, presenter, newscaster, informer
Indhu Varatharajan
connectivity, keep-on-toes,networking, information, enthusiasm, people, news
Journalism is the bridge to connect the source of a happening to rest of the world, and to keep the people updated with any recent events followed after.
Proper conduction of investigation to bring out a real picture of an event.
Probing into matters affecting communities and helping to ask proper answers to make lives better.
Samson Mfuyeni
Looking for hit stories, breaking news, headlines
You can now reply to each other's comments, if you think a particular idea is interesting etc.
Neema Aroni
Unbiased, Informative,Concise,Hectic,Accurate,Broad,Multi-disciplinary,Research,Popular,critical.
Elizabeth van der Merwe
Osman Yansaneh
Risky, Challenging, Inquisitive, Wondering, Editing, News, Diary, Fast, Smart and Writing
Myles Runham
Scepticism is a reflex for journalists.
Increasingly multi media and multi platform.
Deadline driven. Working shifts for lage media orgs probably freelance of not.
Betzy Jematia Bowen
Complicated especially where you ought to remain impartial yet you feel you should express your own point of view.
Journalism is a dynamic world, unpredictable,

Isaac Akinwumi
Communication, news, rumour, advertisement, reflection, audience, language, alert, question, media
Nyovani Madise
Fast pace, non-technical, short
Public interest
Guy G Yuyi
Risky, controversial, unpredictable, hectic, manipulative,Inquisitive ,Challenging, uncertain
Tracy Adole
Propaganda, sensationalism, exaggerations, trending, deceitful, news, information, dramatic, investigative and manipulative
Samuel Angwafor
news, information, investigation, sensational, lobbying, communication, propaganda,manipulation,
Kaiyven Afi Leslie
Intuitive, hectic,appointments, targeted, punchlines, interrogative, investigative, critical, legal and diverse
M.E. Reza
World of journalism: It entails meeting tight datelines, ensuring accuracy of facts,
based on the common language of a targeted audience (layman's language or e.g. legal verbose for the legal community),
supposedly meant to be unbiased, current i.e. latest and not old news, and mainly its essence - pure info, sensation, humour, events, incidents etc.
Juan David
Busy, audience,fast, deadlines, changing, interesting, untrustworthy, variable, dramatic, sensationalism