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  Video: The world of journalism

In this video, Kaz Janowski discusses some of the key features of the world of journalism and makes some suggestions about what this could mean for you as a scientist. This might also give you an idea about why tensions can arise between journalism and science.

In the next lecture, we summarise the points he raises.

Abidemi James Akindele
I consider the Science-Journalism and the Scientist-Journalist interface to be essential for societal benefit and development. A sound understanding of the perceptions and expectations on both sides ensures the delivery of the `goodies´ to the people and society. This video has given essential tips to always have at the back of our mind as scientists in engaging Journalists who think always about their readers/viewers, deadlines, headlines and who can easily be `lost´ in the discussion if as scientists we fail to use concise and clear words. As much as scientists take interest in understanding the journalism world, journalists also need to yearn for better understanding of the world of science and scientists. Both have a responsibility to ensure a better society.
Vuban Joyce Afuh
It's a catchy and comprehensive video! I think the "5Ws and one H" stuff are what actually summarize the procedures in which we can get engage with the world of journalism regardless of the disciplines we are coming from. These can help us make a concise summary of what we intend communicating to the outside world. However, I think it will also be important to be sensitive to the culture, political situations, level of education (and other factors) of the people who will be affected by our reports and/or engagements with journalists. Our choice of words also matter! We should refrain from using academic or scientific jargon for instance if we are dealing with "uneducated" masses.
Mouyelele Haufiku
The video is short and clear, I liked it all, more especially the differentiation of the research world from the journalism world!
Emanuele Fantini
I liked the video, just wondering if Is there just one world of journalism or many different worlds with specific features? perhaps for scientists it's easier to cooperate with specific worlds with specific features...
Its a good overview on journalism, I expected information, Time, Place and Human as perception of journalism world