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  Answers: What news values did you find?

Throughout the course we will be providing you with suggested answers for key exercises, such as the one from the previous lecture on news values. Use these sections to reflect on the answers you’ve provided.

Below are some suggestions of news values present in the articles. You may have found others and the list is by no means exhaustive.

Begin to consider your own research: can you make use of any of these values when you communicate?

Article News values present
1. Age of ‘Hobbit’ species revised Popular culture: Hobbit reference
Conflict: Over when extinction happened
2. Where do memories go? Study finds our brains ‘file‘ thoughts of the past that are no longer relevant into a ‘trash folder‘ Meaningfulness: Reference to people suffering from mental health issues
Popular culture: Use of trash folder analogy
3. Cat got your tongue? Study to examine if pets adopt owner’s accent Clarity: Story has clear and narrow focus Meaningfulness: Appeals to cat owners’ experience
Surprise: Can cats have different accents?
4. Star Wars-style lava planet discovered close to Earth Popular culture: Star Wars reference
Surprise: A planet covered in lava
Frequency: New Star Wars film recently released
5. Giant rats race to eliminate landmines from Mozambique Surprise: Giant rats used to detect mines
Conflict: Relationship between humans and animals
Negativity: Addresses an important developing world issue
6. How dead pigs can help nail killers Personalisation: Refers to Cape Town, tailors research to local context
Surprise: Unexpected way to study human decomposition
Negativity: Deals with murder

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